Hey there and welcome to Gidget Swimwear! I am Keagan Neptune, founder of Gidget. I love and seek adventure, and believe in embracing each moment, and living life to the fullest. Let’s be honest, there is no better feeling than a warm summer day at the beach with the sun warming your body. But the beach is more than a place to layout, look pretty, and lounge around. Gidget Swimwear is made for those that have a hot and heavy love affair with water. We make suits for the active beach-goer who loves to jump off rocks, surf, snorkel, go boating-and do anything that swimming suits just can’t handle these days. These activities become a little less enjoyable when you have a suit that refuses to cooperate. If your suit can’t even contain your buns, how can you expect it to contain your excitement for the beach? No one wants to be constantly tugging and pulling just to feel covered up (that should be the last thing to worry about). Of all the swimming suits on the market, there are few that are actually functional AND are comfortable in the water AND flatter your body. It is difficult to find a fashionable suit that can withstand the water activities you love—We have just the answer for those sandy cheeks!



Many women’s swimming suits do not fit well because they are made for only one body type, but in reality many of us don't fit into the one size fit-all suit. Our seamless suits are designed for comfort and coverage for most body shapes and sizes. Our cross back style suits take the strain off your neck; that halter suits typically give you. By allowing our customers to tie their suits they can be worn as tightly or as loosely as desired. Our suits contain a lower shelf bra to fit women with chests of all sizes. Our seamless suits are double lined and fit tight to the skin for full containment, and comfort, providing full chest and booty coverage. ***No tugging or pulling necessary***

Our men's boardshorts are also made for maximum function in the water. We use a four-way stretch material that allows for a free range of movement in the water. The shorts tighten with a draw string that goes all the way around the waistband, plus we created a velcro-free fly to avoid irritation.

We want both men and women to feel comfortable in the water, and with these functional features you can get the most enjoyment out of your swim.

Thank you for your support and being a part of our journey!


-Keagan Neptune, Founder